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These are the things I have been eating in various combinations since July 14th:
Boiled chicken breasts
Ground round
Brown rice
Romaine lettuce
Poached eggs
Boiled eggs
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

The only supplements I have so far are cod liver oil pills and I just found some glucosamine chondroitin. I’m taking an over the counter yeast med called AZO yeast with probiotics. I live an hour from the city and haven’t made a trip to there yet.

Haven’t been able to choke down plain yogurt…..but after the three weeks, will add yougurt with raspberries from the yard.

The initial rash is drying up and the additional spots that started, but also have spread out like a puddle. I’m really bored with the food so any suggestions would be appreciated. Looking for a non-sugar recipe for mayonnaise so I have more on my salad than just olive oil. First one I tried didn’t turn out close. Forgot fluids…..mostly only drinking water….got a pack of herbal teas..peppermint and chamomile…but they didn’t satisfy my flavor craving, so I’m back to only water.

Thanks for your response….I’m determined to do this. (I work in a convenience store and have a weakness for Debbie Cakes….but won’t touch them)