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In my case, I more than suspect chronic sinus issues are candida/yeast infection. From what I have heard this is very common. I do notice they drain after eating which could be why some might confuse this with an allergic reaction.

Recently, I have been using colloidal silver nasal spray and noticed these yellow strands coming out where prior only white roundish stuff ever came out. Figure this is a good sign but, have no proof of such. Knew no other way to tackle what could be a huge candida factory dumping fresh candida constantly into the GI tract than to try to flush them. Some relief with OCEAN MIST saline nasal spray but, they CS had the quickest impact on expelling the junk.

My sinuses helped push my system and life over the edge. Back to back cycles of antibiotics to treat what I thought was a bacterial infection lead the “start” of my healing journey in 2003 when my ileum swelled up and closed off my GI tract. Never put two and two together until recently, thinking they were some type of allergy or caused by pet dander (surrendered pets which didn’t change anything).

Perhaps the only way to “know for sure” would be to have them cultured?
AT least we both know we aren’t alone with sinus issues…..was asking if anyone else was dealing with this a little while ago….