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Thanks, I’ll give the video a watch.

I can only guess my weight loss was because I’ve become more active, having to walk to college everyday, taking 40 minute round trips. I think when I gave up meat and didn’t really substitute, I lost muscle mass and need a bit more protein.
The other thing is I think by having too much bigger meals meant I was taxing my digestive system too much, and wasn’t addressing my leaky gut. Therefore I wasn’t absorbing the nutrients, causing wastage and bloating. I’ve since begun smaller meals again, but I should NOT still be losing weight on this diet with the foods I’m having. It’s been a wake up call.

Ok the other thing is I hadn’t had meat since Monday the 17th, and by Friday to Saturday, my sinus pressure had cleared a lot, didn’t get a lump in my left throat side and no hot ears. It felt great! But by yesterday (Sunday), it all came back somewhat over the course of the day.
I’m wondering it was the chia seed powder I’ve started since Friday, 15g per the instructions. Maybe the amino acids?

I’m really stressed and confused and need help.
I’m going to have to consult a ND here in London, which I’m dreading, need a good one.

I’ll start some nettle leaf tea because it seemed good back in October, and I’ve heard all the great things about it.

Any advice would be much appreciated from anyone.