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Hey Jackie,

I wish you well with the new doctor and hope s/he tells you what you need/ want to hear. As you say, no doctor will help us as much as Able & Raster have and we’re eternally grateful fur their time & patience. I did PM Able as soon as I got back after the weekend away with full details – he urged me to post it publicly and I’ve been meaning to do so.

You’ll get braver in terms of what you try. I agree though that it’s not worth taking the chance just for the sake of it. I tried that too soon and it set me way back so I’m very careful now. Once you feel healthy again you just don’t want to rock the boat do you?

I actually started with non sugar items like different types of meat – I know Able recommended a little rice, some natural yoghurt or an apple first but that just didn’t make sense to me in terms of my own body so I haven’t tried either yet. Instead, I started with poultry other than organic chicken (turkey, duck, goose, quail) and was fine with all of those. And then I tried shellfish (crab, prawn, lobster) and they were fine too. What that meant was that I could then extend my meal options hugely without ever needed to try any new carbs, off list fruit or veg… does that make sense? I’m also having 2 or 3 cups of coffee a week and am fine but won’t puch it. Again my strategy is to try things that had been eliminated for other reasons than directly feeding the yeast. Nuts & seeds are still a problem but about once a week I try a tiny bit just to check because they’d be such a handy source of protein and a great tasty snack! I use Hemp in my Oatbran bread every 2nd week and am fine with that but i think others have had problems. It gives the bread a lovely bouncy moist texture.

You sound like you’re in a good place at the moment mentally so well done for that! It makes such a difference doesn’t it? I’m feeling so much stronger – I even applied for a new training contract yesterday and have a meeting set up for that! I wouldn’t have dreamt of taking on anything extra even a few weeks ago, in fact I was cancelling contracts because I just wasn’t up to it!

Big hugs!