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I did the diet on my own and failed. Able corrected me on the bad things; I was having coffee, rice, regular yogurt, fruit, etc. I wasn’t taking the proper supplements as well.

But this wasn’t good enough; after 2 months of doing the diet on my own I still didn’t feel that well. Thats when I went to a naturopath who helped treat me, and not the candida.

The timeline I mentioned is no joke; if you think you can fight candida by doing the diet for 2 weeks, you will be woefully dissapointed. Candida overgrowth is caused by immune system dysfunction…which typically was caused by years of mistreatment of the body in one way or another.

The diet is the best way to heal yourself. Veggies! All of these parts are very much related, but parts 4 and 5 are some of the most difficult ones to heal from. Repairing the damage can take a very long time.