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Hi, Mrs. Candida. LOL, never thought I’d speak to Candida directly!

Well, after 6 months of a very strict diet a couple years ago, working with doctors, taking antifungals I started feeling wonderful. At the same time the pressure to “relax” and eat like everyone else and my own food “addictions” krept in and I relapsed. Very quickly my brain fog set in… memory gone, muscle/joint pain came roaring back — It was like for the first time in my life (yes, I believe I have had a problem with Candida since childhood) I could SEE, like I was in a room FULL of bright lights and then just like that the room was almost nearly dark.

Since then, I have cycled through the diet/antifungals, then cheated, and restarted this cycle … all while learning what foods I am intolerant to and appreciating how susceptible I am to overgrowth.

Really it has been a process of accepting… to know for me that I HAVE TO LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE THIS WAY if I want to truly live.

Hope that answers your question, let me know?