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yisucks;33852 wrote: Anyone find a vendor that delivers in the us? I’ve been out for wks

I finally found a distributor, from Canada, who will ship to the US, and I just got the UPS tracking number this morning.

Go to , and you may want to click “More Info”. You will see that their product Myco-Plex is coded “S722”. I found ANTyler by calling McCombs’ office on Tuesday morning—they can’t get Candida Force/SF722 for their clients right now, either, and had to look elsewhere.

If in the US, you won’t be able to purchase online—you’ll have to call them. However, I got a 10% discount by doing so. I ordered 2 bottles. Their phone number, which is at the bottom of the page, is 1-800-663-6369.

I started this transaction on Tuesday, and just got my tracking number this morning (Friday). The transaction took extra paperwork because it’s not Canada to Canada. I didn’t want to report my success until I was sure this time—with a UPS tracking number I can see, now, that it’s on its way.

Because of all the orders from the US, the ANTyler rep told me that they had a special meeting on Wed to get a distribution center/partner in the US—that would be great!