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Hi Able

I have been taking probiotics for the last 7.5 weeks (and acidophilus unsweetened yogurt made with skim milk, milk solids, cultures). I haven’t done the kefir yet and maybe that is my problem, it’s just the thought of milk kefir makes me want to be sick. I have always hated milk (but like yogurt!), especially milky drinks. Can I do water kefir, I have found a source for the grains.

The list of symptoms I started with has definitely lessened alot , and as previously stated I was feeling fantastic about a week ago. But now back to bloated stomach, headaches, hip pain. Insomnia is totally gone, first time in years, love it! And along with it no more depression, major anxiety, or uncontrollable anger. So am LOVING these changes. Just want to kick the others to the curb (mainly the constipation lol! but also white tongue and heavy discharge (eek TMI)

This forum has been great, a real source of help when you are doing it on your own.