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hi kmah,

The people on the forum follow the forum protocol (see link) and not the one from the website.. the psyllium husk and bentonite clay aren’t recommended by the forum experts. Check out the allowed foods thread too because it has heaps of info about what you can eat and when. Able posted the following last night:

“This is the link to our forum protocol.

A Simple Cleanse


Swedish Digestive Bitters

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Let us know if you have questions about the protocol or any other subject.
Able “

I’ve read numerous times on here that alcohol is pretty much the worst thing you can feed to candida (or i guess best thing since candida loves it) so I wouldn’t be surprised if that contributed, plus your liver was probably under major stress during that time.

Check out the search function at the top right of the forum too.. I find it really helpful for all of the questions I have! 🙂