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The reason we have a different program on the forum is because the website is generally pretty OK as far as how to get better, but things have been tweaked from personal experiences by people on the forum. The reason we don’t recommend the clay and husk cleanse is because it can cause internal bleeding.

The foods on the main website are not good enough to get better for many people so thats why we have our own foods list.

The joint pain and other symptoms you are experiencing are related to die-off which is the dead candida toxins flooding your body. It’ll take many weeks to get over these symptoms and up to 6-18 months to finally reach a “cure.” Just take days one step at a time and you’ll be able to fight this sucker off.

You can do the safe and proper cleanse instead if you want to. Stage 2 is something not to worry about right now; stage 0 is the cleanse, stage 1 is the diet, and stage 2 is when you get better.

Alcohol is a very good reason why you have candida overgrowth because its ingredients are perfect for candida to grow; alcohol, sugar, and yeast.

To completely reduce or eliminate die-off symptoms, you can detox the toxins through the bodies largest organ, the skin. To do this you can take a sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room, or even hot bath to sweat out the toxins.

I highly recommend not working out for a few weeks or a month until you finally have a good foothold on fighting this sucker off. Your body will be very taxed fighting this off and you need your immune system as strong as possible.