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Hello. Keep on track. I did this diet for the first time last year after being a total emotional and physical mess. (constant allergies, untreatable weird skin issues, brain fog, anxiety, depression …the whole 9 yards.) When I was done with the 8 weeks I felt the most normal ive felt in 6 years or so. It was great!

I just started the cleanse on Monday, it’s a good yearly thing to do at spring time, especially if you are prone to it. And fall back into bad habits.

So last year, when I needed this diet most, I was in so much paint about day 4-6. All of my organs just ached (stomache, liver, my sides, back.. everything). The yeast just want sugar so bad before the die off. Just push throught the first week and you’ll start feeling a lot better.

I found the best way to cope is to talk about it with friends who have done this cleanse in the past and can offer you encouragement and share their awefuly stories with you. Haha.