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tude58;51361 wrote: Good morning all!

Wow, I’ve had this small itching on my neck and almost to shoulders for about a week. Red flushing that runs up both sides and down to shoulders until yesterday! There were bumps, not hives along with a shortness of breath that had become worse. Severe itching and burning under my skin, face and arms????????????? I took lots of bendadryl, a hot epsom salt soak and hubby monitored me in case of ER trip.

I’ve written down new things which aren’t many and would like to know what’s the most common intruder any of you have seen turn into an allergy? There are several ingredients on the little tonic bottles my naturopath has had me on for over 3 months and never caused this before???

Rash is still here this morning and is not as bad but there with a whopper headache again.

Any suggestions as to what causes people the most trouble so I can try to eat this morning?

Coconut oil?
Almond milk?
Flax seed?

Thank You,

Sorry, I meant to ask what herbs etc were most likely to cause allergic reactions if anyone knows?