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sylvalant wrote: 3. Does candidiasis cause elevated IgE levels and result in a hyper-allergic response to candida?

I don’t know about IgE levels but, am trying to secure a candida blood test to prove this is what is going on. There’s ample reason to know candida is prevalent but, I want a firm diagnostic to prove it.

I’m NO EXPERT but, also have hyper allergic responses – histamine reactions. This manifests is huge itchy red hive like bumps to the slightest mosquito bite. Also, early in my LONG journey one mis-dx was intestinal TB based on a major positive reaction to a TB skin test (xrays proved negative to TB ever being in my lungs) and was treated with 6 months of a heavy 4 TB antibiotic cocktail which resulted in huge rashes up and down the back of both legs. Recently, I learned mycosis (mycotoxins in the blood stream = mycosis/fungus) creates false positives with a TB skin test.

I suspect there’s reasons to believe leaky gut plays a role in the hyper immune response since beyond mycotoxins in the blood stream, the body is responding to large molecule food particles passing through the leaky pores.