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hey shayfo,

must say, but little bit disappointed with your progress past month :(… its not your fault, its just you had such an amazing progress from beginning and give me prediction that you will at least be consuming like 20 new items from last stage of diet :). Furthermore I am really near you, regarding recovery and when I read your posts I see my self like in month or two in that position 🙂

but, this is actually proof that recovery is slow… and like you said its worth it…

thanks for update though, great really!!

regarding this:

not eating at restaurants? WORTH IT.

I am eating outside for months already… I have nice place near my workplace where they know me well since I am here for years already. They make me some chicken or scrambled eggs with ton of salad and some toasted vegetables (zucchini, green peppers, eggplant)… that’s mu lunch usually 🙂

when I am somewhere else, I get robbed by paying 100% of price and eating like 20% (choosing whats allowed and what’s not)