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What sort of exercise do you do, and how much? Cardio literally = stress, so the less of that you do the better. Anaerobic exercise like sprints and intensive resistance training avoids many of the cardio pitfalls, and gives you much more bang for your buck in terms of improving fitness, metabolism, weight loss, muscle tone etc. It’s usually only necessary to exercise like this 2-4 times a week for around 30-minutes. People who run 1-hour+ a day are setting themselves up for hormonal and metabolic destruction, and the subsequent weight gain and fatigue, unless they have the rest of their lifestyle and nutrition seriously keyed in. Even then, they’re still going to die early.

I’d lay off the colonics myself. There’s zero evidence to support their benefits, but more than enough detailing the side-effects and dangers, and they’re largely based on medical fantasy, e.g. faeces “stick” to your bowels for 20-years. One of the key factors in beating candida is restoring balance to the gut flora, and blasting it with water for an hour doesn’t please your microbial friends. The enthusiastic “I lost 10lbs and feel so refreshed” seems to too often become “I’m constipated and bloated and have booked another colonic” two weeks later.

As for the cleanse, it’s good you’ve quit that because it won’t do anything to help your metabolism either. I’ve read bad things about how candida reacts to being sugar-starved, but I wish people would give references for such things. One potential reason you got recurrent thrush is because of the rice massively spiking your blood sugar after days in ketosis. Making sudden switches between diets is hard on the body, and ideally you’d reintroduce carbs slowly to tolerance. Settling in on a stable eating plan that includes enough calories, protein and ideally >50g/day of carbs, and covers the micronutrient spectrum is one of the best things you can do now. Most people here will discourage you from eating rice, which may or may not be good advice depending on how you handle starch, which depends on what’s going on in your mouth, stomach and small bowel. I’d say eat it at your own risk.