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Latka, thank you! My probiotic does have FOS in (I chose it especially thinking it would be good for me 🙁 ) so I have temporarily stopped taking it. Instead I have reduced my probio dosage down to a more reasonable 8-12 billion a day for now (no FOS!) to get myself onto them more gradually!

Javizy thank you and of course you’re right – I did have a sensitive stomach to begin with. I am pleased to hear that it may be something other than the candida returning as even though I am now not following the diet so strictly, I am by no means back to my bad old ways and nor do I intend to be! I think I just wanted someone to reassure me that there were explanations other than the return of candida, as I have been very jittery and anxious the last couple of days, then I worry that the candida is back and get even more worked up! In all likelihood it is the time of month making me edgy, but I’m just hypersensitive to every mood change and tummy sensation at the moment and I’m terrified that even if I keep the candida at bay I’ll never manage to be ‘normal’ in terms of my guts and moods again.

Thanks people xx