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I didn’t want my gut flora maintained – that was the whole point of having one. Having suffered virtually all my life with anxiety, panic and then later IBS, with hindsight all probably caused by candida, I wanted the clean sweep that a colonic would provide. I knew it would wipe out all the flora and I saw this as a good thing, so that now I have a healthier diet and am taking all the right supplements I can create a healthy and good balance from scratch. Out with the good went a whole lot of bad and I will work to replace the good and get it better than I ever had it before.

With respect I’ve already had the colonic so I can’t go back and undo it. I’m not planning on having more or often, but as I say, I wanted an extreme clear out to begin again and do it right this time. What I was asking for was some advice as to whether I should be doing anything else at this stage, how long people generally take to settle into their probiotics and whether or not I should be worried about the slight unsettled feelings I’ve had this last few days. And for the record my colonic hydrotherapist is also a nutritionist and as this whole candida protocol is built on the foundations of good and thorough nutrition I don’t think anyone here can claim that nutrition isn’t ‘real’.