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Yes, I thoroughly researched the pros and cons before having the colonic and made sure I had ready a supply of high strength probiotics, created by the company of one of my favourite nutritionists. I literally started on these probiotics within 90 minutes of having my colonics (I only had two, so have had no problems with my bowels becoming reliant on them) and have kept up with them ever since. I am also eating probiotic yoghurt most days as well. I supplement with a professional quality garlic each day so I’m getting prebiotic benefits from that and I also have porridge oats each day which also have prebiotic qualities I believe.

Latka – my probiotics also contain some FOS, so hopefully that is good! It is only two weeks since I had my colonic, so perhaps I am being impatient – if you say it took you a while to get back to normal I won’t worry about it yet! Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t made some hideous mistake somewhere that was going to make all my candida come back!

Raster, that is interesting, thank you. If the problems persist after a few weeks I will look into that. I have started to take my probiotics in the evening so that most of the wind will occur overnight and won’t inconvenience me too much during the day. Hopefully it will all settle down soon if I’ve not done anything very wrong!

Thanks xx