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Thank you all for the replies. What surprises me is that i have constant discharge of mucus, but oftentimes this illness just goes into overdrive mode. I get headache and burning pain to the extent that I can’t really think straight or even open my mouth wide due to tissues under the jaw being so painful. It is as if I am stuck in vicious cycle of the same sickness with random intensity. Antibiotics actually seem to aggravate problem, so does sugar and alcohol (I was naive enough to have a beer for my birthday). It is as if whatever wrong flora that is flourishing in me gets intensified with sugar and alcohol.

In 2013 in spring, things got so bad that I had strange feeling of cold heat in what I assume would be area of lungs and liver. I started having difficulty breathing and the amount of mucus was so excessive that I kept towel at my bed to spit it out at night. I truly thought I was going to die, it was that bad and intense. I stopped eating pretty much anything, was just doing water and steamed veggies. In about a month it eased up a little, with burning in lung area becoming less prominent. However for the past week or so I had this strange bruised feeling right in the middle of the rib cage it was not difficult to breathe (other than annoying constant ear pain) but a deep breath would make that bruise recognizable. Moreover that bruised area was painful and tender to touch.

The worst part of it that I did all the scans of lungs and head and neck, and there was nothing suspicious on MRI. So it looks like something totally took out my immune system and is wreaking havoc in my body.

P.S. I do not know if it is relevant, but over the course of the disease, I got bad skin problems on face and head some type of dermatitis(started with a small tiny spot under my left eye). Nowhere else, just face and head. Red spots, not itchy not races, more like skin burns that become inflamed and painful, then subside and start flaking in a dandruff type of manner. The localization is always in the same area. The worse i feel, the more pronounced are the spots. I did make checks for auto immune diseases such as Lupus and apparently i am clear in that respect.