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me2kib;52748 wrote: Hi all,

I have been suffering for almost 4 years, spent much money and still no response.

What I am suffering with now is listed in terms of severity:

*Intense head with pressure like feeling (not in the front, so unlikely a sinus pain)
*Burning and pain when breathing in and out (and wet clicking sound in Eustachian tubes, especially on the left side)
*Unexplainable gum pain (that goes down sometimes, but most of the times gums are sore)
*Random muscle twitching all over
*Constant 24/7 clear clumpy mucus discharge (oftentimes with milky strings)
*No appetite and something is off with digestion, since I do not have regular stools and my stomach aches and growls most of the time

Never smoked, non-drinker, was happy and healthy until that trip to Thailand (see below, the story)

Head, ears and neck are affected most by barely tolerable type of pain. It is as if something is slowly eating at tissue. All tests that I have gone through show nothing.

Do you think I may have some form of Candida? Or is it unlikely?

Have a read below as to how it all started. I am sorry about a very long post. It is a long time suffering too.

MALE 34, no previous health problems

Jan ’10 – got sick in Thailand (vacation) some sort of throat infection. (swollen neck lymph nodes, slight fever, swollen uvula, no appetite, difficulty swallowing), course of Amoxicillin cleared throat problem and seemed to end the problem at the time.

Feb ’10 – slight discomfort on the right side of the jaw (lymph node), gum irritation, slight fever. Course of Avelox (5 days), no effect, difficulty swallowing reappeared, pain in right neck lymph node and slight enlargement.

Mar’10 – pain switched to the left neck lymph node along with lymph node enlargement (the nodes are hard, but not fixed, dull pressure in ears appeared (similar to pressure when diving).

Apr’10 – pain in lymph nodes increased, Ultra Sound of lymph nodes is clear, no malignancies, the lymph nodes are not extremely large, but constantly painful as if there is a wound inside (deep burning pain). Went to another ENT, he prescribed Ceftriaxone (10 shots 12 hours interval), the course was prescribed without any . Finished the course by the end of April.

May’10 – after Ceftriaxone, tongue turned yellowish black, intense nasal discharge has started, the feeling in nose and throat as if everything has been cut with knife inside. The discharge appears as a clear thick mucus.

June’10 – immense headache and head pressure added on top of the above symptoms along with muscle burning pain and muscle twitches all over body in random places with no particular pattern. Slight crackling noises appeared in ears as if bubble wraps popping. (no pain at that time yet, just popping sounds in ears).

July’10 – feeling of fluid in ears and extreme burning pain in both ears, volumes of clear discharge and another prescribed course of antibiotics Ciprinol. Antibiotics once again had no effect.

Aug’10 – Dec’10 – very dull headache, nausea (no vomiting, but on the verge of vomiting), extreme pain in lymph nodes, terrible headache, waking up several times during the night each night due to headache and nausea, very stiff neck and constant crackling sounds in neck when turning head, great burning pain in gums, tongue is constantly in white coating. Ear pain got so bad that it hurts when breathing in and out, since it feels like there is some object in the ear that is moving along with breathing process making a scratching sound and inflicting very unpleasant hardly bearable pain (mostly in left ear, since it is much more painful than the right, and same can be said of the left lymph node). When breathing through mouth this does not happen, but the pressure and general pain in ears persists.

Dec’10 went back to Thailand thinking they might find something local, the doctors at Burmungrad only could come with explanation of some sort of inflammation and prescribed Zithromax for 5 days, which made no changes whatsoever.

Jan’11-Aug’11 – still in pain, nausea, stiff neck, and overall fatigue and weakness, clear discharge (thick mucus both from throat and nose), ear pain when breathing in and out, problem with sleeping, muscle pains and twitches, neck and jaw muscles sore and painful, random gum burning at times, headache gets so bad at times that it seems that the head is about to explode, the location of the headache in the back of the head (area of skull adjacent to ears).

Have you seen an infectious disease specialist? Someone that checks for all kinds of parasites? The fact that it all started with a trip to Thailand seems too coincidental to me. I used to watch a show called The Monsters Inside Me, and a lot of the stories were like yours. People travel abroad, get bit by some parasite-carrying bug or eat something with parasite eggs, etc, and then their life becomes hell. Doctors would be baffled, and then an infectious disease specialist would come in and figure out what parasite the person had and save the day.

I don’t hear candida sufferers complain of lymph node swelling and some of your other symptoms, but you’ve taken a lot of antibiotics since Thailand, so you may have since acquired a candida problem in addition to your original problem.