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yeastygut;40201 wrote:
“Iodine should be supplemented via potassium iodide tablets or liquid iodine solutions. Start low at 225 micrograms per day; work up to 1 milligram per day. In disease conditions, it may be beneficial to increase iodine even further. To avoid potential negative effects, accompany high-dose iodine with extra intake of salt, water, vitamin C, magnesium, and selenium.” (p293 Jaminet)

Sounds like an interesting read, though I have come across their work in my research. Thanks for the reminder since their site contains much info as well.

However, one might want to compare Jaminet’s work against the full iodine supplementation protocol which someone in another forum put together. mcs doses of iodine isn’t really than much. It’s important to gradually increase dosages or suffer gnarly die off but, these people work up to over 100 mgs of iodine per day.

Blessings and graces wished to you and everyone on this forum.