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_valeree;59596 wrote: PercyFaith,

I cannot thank you enough for the great information you provided. Not only will I benefit from this information but I am sure that other people will.

I do not have a filter for my shower so I will be looking in to getting one. I also have eczema on my body.. does your information also apply to eczema? Also, do you have any recommendation for natural shampoos?

So when my face started flaring up I started using coconut oil… apparently I was wrong!! I will try using the products that you recommended. The Aveeno moisturizer is is specifically for the face or is it the Daily Moisturizing Lotion?

I have TONS of allergies such as peanuts, nut, apples, legumes, etc. And on top of that I have candida. My body is VERY sensitive to everything. This is why it’s so hard for me to get my skin under control.


Val I am glad to pass that information along because it helped my rashes so very much. I did not write that article but I cut and pasted my personal copy of it in my post so folks could read within this site instead of going to the authors web site. I think it was written by a woman who goes by the tag BullDancer on Curezone. The Aveeno is the plain daily moisturizing lotion. It does not say for face on my tube. It is a little hard to find since most places carry all the later formulas. I think she said to look for, and my tube has it, a block of Green where the words “daily moisturizing lotion” shows through in the cream color of the tube. My 2.5 oz tube also has a green cap. I did not want to use it since I am not familiar with some of the chemical sounding ingredients in it but in the article BullDancer said while it was ‘commercial’ it contains healing oatmeal and I wanted to do what worked for her.

I have food sensitivities too and am also very sensitive to topical things. One other thing that helped horrible rashes behind my ears. The rashes were behind both ears and ran from wet to dry flakey and they were painful. The salt began healing them right away but I also gave up my pierced earrings and I think that helped too. They were 14kt white gold but who knows maybe there was some alloy or nickel in there causing problems. I was sad to give up wearing earrings but grew my hair longer and am just happy not to have that rash. BullDancer’s Protocol helped me so very much. I had suffered with rashes on and off for since 2005. I still have one rash at my belly that I think is candida related but conventional dermatologist called all my rashes Seborrheic Dermatitis and suggested the Extra strenght T-gel Shampoo and prescription steroid creams that I used a tiny bit but do not believe are healthy at all and I think BullDancer mentions how bad an option those are.

I am unsure about how the protocol might work with Eczema, but I hope the ideas give you and others relief and healing.


ps Oh I gave up shampoo years ago. Have never missed it. The only time I have used it is after I condition my hair with Castor Oil. I get tons of compliments on my hair. Google
No Poo and check out the sites about not using shampoo and Wikipedia even has a page about it—