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JORGE LOOK MAN,alot of doctors all negative cures,just again by following your link lead me to dr crandell hand,but look you went through it men she not ,u can advise me men uros r telling me about cpps ,even dr crandell tells me she is only guessing man ,look everbody give up with me ,trust me man ,my life have been misarable man ,as i am writing u here i am crying ,god sent me to u man ,i really believe u inspiration can cure me man ,i promise if u help me through this i am willing to anything man ,look its my body man ,look i strated the treatment yesterday man but today i took antibiatics again man small amount buddy,they said the i had a tumour man and cancer stuff man look all i know i am a 35 year old mail did two cystocopies and found nothing ,they said its ccps man ,but i know its all started on antibiatics ,i got hp which near kill me man ,then i got a cystitis man which go away man but the burn and pain never man ,over the months i have taken tons of pills with no cure man ,i know its hard but where there is a will there is a way man ,look i dont know nothing about candida man but i know ,after taken antibiotis,i took cipro ,doci,and tons of them man and notice on the opening of my urethea there is two growth man ,it tingles man some time burning,it then leaves there and go to the back of my penis ,the pain will leave one place to the other man and somtime no pain man,but sometime i feel to cut it out and just go to work for my babies man,look in to my symtoms and u can tell me if its candida or not ,dr crandell convince my doctor to start my treatment man ,i am on 200mg fluconazole and 250 lamasil,i start yesterday man but today i took antibiotics man,i had to do it for them to check for cancer man ,what r your suggestion to my symtoms.u will get your reward in full in heaven man ,u r saving two little babies man and i am the only child of a mother of 74 years old man,she depended on me to take care of her,help me man ,i know u r not a md ,i tried all the md they r failing ,what test did u do to reveal its candida man?that is what i want to know now man if its candida or cpps man.thank u and god bless u.