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Keep on a strict candida diet (no grains, no alcohol, no root veggies, etc – bare minimum of food list -tons of garlic, etc) and make sure you pair it with probiotics, a high fiber treatment (psyllium husk/bentonite clay) and a strong antifungal. You will need all of it for having such a spread in your system. Its always in your blood at your level… it requires total self discipline and suffering thru the first phase of sugar withdrawals and “die-off” crappy times… then I promise after awhile… you will see the changes and start to feel like yourself again. But you cant cheat or eat things that are not STRICTLY to the diet… your body will fight you .. but its a war… you need to ask yourself if you are ready to fully commit and go to war with your body. Its possible… its just hard and a commitment to the sacrifices. YOU can do it though. Eductate yourself on the strict “can eat” list, buy it all (throw out anything in your fridge that doesn’t fit), and get ready to enjoy salads and eat simply… your body will do the rest. You will have to be strong and disciplined. But it will get easier.