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I’ve had bumps on my head that never heal, they itch and I’ve been picking at them for over 10 years. Also have some on my neck , and hip. I have to use a medicated shampoo to keep them at bay.

I’ve just started the candida diet and taking the antifungals and probiotics. I just by chance found a candida doctor, literally 5 minutes from my house, that seemed like more of a naturopathic doctor. I learned that the fluticasone nasal spray I’m using is a steroid and feeding the candida straight into my brain. I also learned that i’m definitely magnesium, D3 and b12 deficient, all of which cause symptoms like anxiety and brain fog.

He also acknowledged by stomach bacteria is way out of whack. I just hope this treatment will treat the candida that has gotten into my blood. If anyone has any information about treating the candida once it gets into your blood stream, please let me know.