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BLEEHHHH!!!!!!! I just took turpentine in sugar cubes, and it was horrifically disgusting!!! Okay, forget that!!! Oh my gosh. BLEEEEEHHH

On positive note, I did not drink Coke today! I had a sugar/sweet-free breakfast of eggs, kale, tomatoes, hot green decaf tea. Sugar/sweet free lunch of fish, potato, tea. Dinner of chicken, corn, noodles, water. That wasn’t so good, but still overall a much better day.

Oh my goodness, the little belches are killing me, even after quickly gulping lemon water and eating some chicken. I read so many people’s experiences, and they all said how it tasted pleasant, good even. And I researched for the purest turpentine of recommended strength (boiling point), no additives. Well, forget this!!!! DOn’t try it!!! I hope I won’t throw up. That’s the real danger – of aspirating it. Now it’s in my body…agh….I regret this. Well, who knew. I wouldn’t have, without trying it myself. Ooh, baking soda will stop burps, yes??