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Sauerkraut is great!
The last 3 days that I started Coconut oil I was getting really bad headaches… I thought it was due to Die-off effects … but I then happen to eat some Sauerkraut with my meal that I cooked with Coconut oil and NO HEADACHE!!! 🙂

Historically I got headaches when I ate a fatty meal in the past. I realized it has nothing to do with Die off !! It has to do with Bile flow. Bile is responsible to digest fat by breaking it down so Lipase digest it… Since I always had poor bile flow eating fatty meals(Made with Coconut oil) was making it worst… Sauerkraut helps with bile flow (Cabbage does) so basically now everytime I want to eat Coconut oil I take it with Sauerkraut and NO headache!

Off course this is just my case… everyone is different!

The only thing about Sauerkraut is it makes gas, so I take some Beano with it and I am fine!