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ThomasJoel2;52800 wrote:

It is our mission and duty to spread the truth, dont ever stop or be discouraged. Whether you realize it or not, like “floggi” said, alot of people read forums like this and we are actually saving lives. Dont keep it to just here either.

If anyone ever needs help handling these asshats, you know where to ask for help:)

Yep, even if you don’t convince the OP about something you could potentially convince the lurkers who aren’t posting. This is the majority of the people who benefit from the different perspectives on these forums.

I owe a lot of my knowledge and direction to endlessly following people on various forums in an effort to piece it all together. Only took me roughly 4 years, but I appreciate the insight I have now. The perspective you get from going through this is extremely enlightening and as crazy as it might sound I’m glad I’ve gone through it (still have a ways to go though). Just gotta pay it forward.

Exactly. I’ll be glad I went through it too, as long as I get through it 100% It takes a while to sort out the bullshit from the good stuff, but after a while you get a good idea. I still have alot of the good ones bookmarked and refer to them all the time. Just today I dusted off a good old one from curezone to help out the poor guy in the other thread. I will be on forums like this offering guidance for the rest of my life.