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impossible;51531 wrote: See if there is a passive vaccination for whatever diseases are present where you are going. This gives you just the antibodies, doesnt induce massive immune stress like the normal vaccinations that cause things like autism and whatnot.

Strongly disagree. Extremely dangerous advice.

Passive vaccination sounds fine, and in many cases it is. However, antibodies are injected into the body that would normally never enter the body in any way. The natural thing is for the body to create its own antibodies. Injected antibodies are highly unnatural.

Normal vaccinations do not cause any “massive immune stress”. What is injected is just the stuff that would normally enter the body if you got infected the natural way. The main difference is that only partial viruses, or otherwise disabled viruses, are injected. What follows is the normal, natural reaction of the body when such viruses would have entered in a normal way.

No stress, just the natural reaction of the body.

The fraud that created this non-existent connection between benign vaccinations and autism is one of the most deadly frauds that came upon us. It still lives on. Due to this fraud, so many parents decided to withold vaccinations to their children, that literally thousands of people have died since this fraud was created.