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The fact that Floggi is a paid shill by pharma and whose main purpose seems to be to debunk the harmful nature of mercury/vaccines should be very telling about the importance of this specific issue.

I’ve seen these people on autism forums where it’s supposedly the parents (mostly moms) doing the posting. There was a mom who had cured her kid from autism through AC chelation and these other “moms” were attacking her, telling her how terrible she was for subjecting her kid to biomedical treatments. They kept promoting the idea that autism is a good thing for the child and that she was a horrible parent for not accepting her kid as he/she was. Their posting styles were chillingly similar to Floggi’s, lots of italicized/underlined words and an attempt to appear as informed on the issue as possible. Sadly, the woman who had cured her child didn’t know they were shills and debated with them endlessly, eventually leaving the forum. As a result, I’m sure lots of other moms reading the debate decided against AC chelation. These people are truly evil.

What’s even more infuriating is that they often accuse you of committing the same heinous acts that they are in fact committing. They say things like “Oh that study that links mercury exposure in vaccines to autism was fraudulent. The person that conducted that study had a vested financial interest in the issue.” This is EXACTLY what they are guilty of, just the reverse. I guess they bank on the fact that few moral people would believe that they could possibly have the audacity to accuse others of exactly it is that they are doing in an effort to keep their pockets lined and innocent kids suffering.

Once you realize what’s truly going on it’s frightening what these people are capable of. This all reminds me of an interview with Bill Gates when asked about the possible link between vaccines and autism:

Dude is an absolute liar and lunatic. He fails to mention the incredible bias going on in the scientific community towards funding studies that are aimed to debunk the connection between vaccines and autism and not funding those who aren’t. The whole thing is corrupt as fuck and gets me mad whenever I think about it.