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Floggi;52782 wrote:
Nope. I may have lost you. But that’s your problem, I don’t care.

You are not able to tell how many people will read this. From experience, I know that forums are read by far more people than participate in the discussion.

That’s why I’ll keep adding some sense to this discussion. I think it’s only fair for the readers to make up their own mind. They can only do so if they hear all viewpoints, not just yours.

I sure invite you to share your views. I hope you don’t mind me sharing my views. For only if we all share our views and openly discuss their pros and cons, can we hope to achieve insight and understanding.

That is why i am callin you out buddy. If that shit wasnt so bad, then those assholes wouldnt have to hire people like you to come on websites like this spreading propaganda. You are losing the war, people are figuring this out, in droves, every day. You stand out like a blaze orange billboard in the middle of the desert and are obviously not intelligent enough to realize it. Im pickin this fight BECAUSE of all those people, the harder you try, the more you prove my point. You are your own worst enemy in this case. So, I say, keep it rollin.