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supaneko wrote: I understand that these are yeast too. The B-Complex that I am taking (Garden of Life) brand use these as filler and possibly as the source for the vitamins.
I am worried about another infection stemming from these yeast and also wondering if I should steer away from them, could they cause die-off, or is there anything I should know about taking supplements that contain it?

We’ve talked about Brewer’s yeast forms of bacteria on the forum before, specifically the S. boulardii bacteria, but there are many studies on the S. cerevisiae species as well.

Colonization of the beneficial bacteria that we need is of ultimate importance for the immune system which is responsible for all healing.
Studies conducted in 1961 were performed to determine whether or not consuming large quantities of S. cerevisiae would produce colonization in the intestines. The studies showed that an extremely high consumption of S. cerevisiae would result in passage and colonization to draining of the lymph nodes. However, an extremely large intake of S. cerevisiae daily and all in one dose was needed to achieve this result. This was found to be nearly ten times that of normal amounts.

A study that was conducted in 1984 indicated S. cerevisiae as being a partial cause of various infections in the patients studied.

Also, in 1999 a write-up in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology reported that an increasing number of isolations of S. cerevisiae were found in women with vaginitis.

All I’m saying is, if you decide to use this form of probiotic, just be careful. Also, even if you decide to take Brewer’s Yeast, you’ll still need to take the normal species of human bacteria that are recommended in the forum’s protocol.

I honestly don’t know if these would cause die-off or not, I didn’t take them during my treatment, but it’s probably possible.

Also, what B complex or brands of vitamins are recommended for folks who do not want any fillers (particuarly NO “vegetable” magnesium stearate) or gluten?

Your best bet for this would be all vitamins taken in their natural form, such as kefir for B vitamins, fish liver oil for vitamin A & D, etc.