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I don’t know how effective they’d be in the presence of biofilms, which are common when a pathogen become virulent. They also can’t account for any underlying cause that’s making you susceptible to infection, like unbalanced gut flora/missing bacterial species, nutrient deficiencies, chronic stress, endocrine imbalances/weaknesses, metabolic disorders etc. Poor liver function is involved in a lot of these problems, and some of the harsher meds, like fluconazole, are known to cause issues with liver toxicity.

Nystatin seems to be fairly neutral, but most people with chronic yeast infections are prescribed some sort of antifungal at some point without overcoming their susceptibility to recurrence. If you haven’t seen a doctor and have never followed the standard route, perhaps you could trial one of the less toxic meds. If you get recurrences, then you’re going to have to address the underlying issues if you want to put candida behind you.