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dvjorge;25615 wrote:

The Azoles.
These are Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Itraconazole, Voriconazole, Posoconazole, etc. They inhibit the ergosterol synthesis path way of the fungal wall.
These are systemic drugs, meaning that they will pass to the bloodstream when taken orally. The azoles are mostly FUNGISTATIC in the dosage we can tolerate, with the exception of Voriconazole and Posoconazole that are fungicidal to some candida species.
These drugs aren’t very effective treating intestinal fungal overgrowth since they are absorbed in the upper intestinal tract passing to the blood. The azoles are considered safe drugs. There are reports of liver toxicity using them mostly with Ketconazole, but their toxicity have been boosted by the alternative natural field treating CRC. In reality, they are well tolerated when used to regular dosage.

I hope this help.


Hi Jorge

I’m making a big attempt to finally get rid of candida once and for all. The new protocol I’m going to attempt will be using nystatin and Ketoconazole.

None of the natural antifungals seem to be powerful enough for me.

What is your feelings on Ketoconazole and is it worth taking? My biggest symptoms are sinus pain/pressure, thrush and sore throat. I know the nystatin will be great for my intestines and colon (enema) and throat but sinuses probably won’t be helped. I’m hoping the Ketoconazole as a systemic antifungal will help with this.

I am a little worried about the liver enzymes so would taking liver supporting herbs like milk thistle help? any other herbs you would recommend?