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Carb voyeur wrote: A little bit tired of this stage 1 limbo. If I can’t start having fruit or something by Christmas, I may throw in the towel.

Any negative aspects of a rutabaga are negated by the fact that they are the most powerful antifungal you’ll find anywhere. You can have them everyday if you wish.

From what I gathered from your previous posts, you’ve been on the diet for about two months. I think Raster has been on the diet for at least five months and plans to stay on it for a while longer, and I’ve been on it for one year this month; not because I still have Candida, because I haven’t experienced that for a long time, but because I’ve seen such a change in my health, particularly the immune system and the amount of energy I seem to have. The truth is, I don’t intend to ever lose what allows me to enjoy all the happiness in my life; that is, having the health to live my life as I please without a thought to whether or not I’ll feel like following my plans and have the energy and stamina to do absolutely anything I want to do without a worry about my health. This is priceless to me, and I guess I have a problem understanding why it isn’t to others. So I’m really sorry if I can’t relate to or sympathize with how you feel, at least about throwing in the towel when it comes to your health and whether you want it to be very good or very pathetic for the rest of your life.


“A man is not sick because he has an illness; he has an illness because he is sick.”