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Thanks Able for the pics, very helpful. I bought a large Swede this morning, chopped, steamed & mashed with coconut oil, Himalayan salt & cracked pepper (needed to get the hand blender out to get a smooth consistency) and it’s absolutely delicious! Ate a whole bowl just on it’s own! It’ll be agreat addition to a “roast dinner” instead of mashed potato.

Only problem is I don’t think I made enough… my 11 month old wolfed through a bowl of it and he’s picky about taking things off a spoon now! He also loves my “Buckwheat gruel” as hubby fondly refers to my lunches these days… I boiled up the bones of an organic chicken we’d eaten, added all the allowed veg I could find in the fridge (leeks, onions, red onions, garlic, courgette…) and a generous handful off buckwheat. It looks a bit gloopy and grey (I fished out the boned and then blended it) but it’s delicious & filling! But that doesn’t last long with the kids either! A great way to get veggies into them!