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Smitty99;44562 wrote:

From my experience, my 2pence worth is that the sooner you think about things that attack the overgrowth being a positive thing rather than the carb content the more likely you are to succeed. Its a matter of weighing up the positives & the negatives. I found it really beneficial. Plus plenty of studies out there about really low carb diets being problematic for the thyroid, which is the last thing you need when your trying to heal.

I would agree with you. For the first two or three weeks of my treatment, I was not eating at all cause I was so terrified I’d feed the candida but I think it was definitely stopping myself from healing as well.

I do eat more regularly now and although my diet is strict, I’m not as incredibly paranoid now.

I’m pleased to hear that. With little/no help from western medicine & having to do your own self-research & relying on good resources like here (& others) it can get confusing & stressful.

I found I was paronoid at the start, but as soon as I started thinking positively it helped. Talking to someone who did the lightening treatment for ME made me realise how powerful the brain is to healing as well as getting the gut in order.