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It would benefit your cause considerably if you’ll stop taking the Digest Gold today. Look at the list of ingredients on the label carefully. Do you see the words “Hemicellulase” and “Cellulase”? These are two unnatural enzymes which means that humans do not produce these enzymes and therefore do not need them in order to digest their food the way it should be digested. These two enzymes change vegetable enzyme fibers into simple sugars once they’re in the digestive tract producing food for Candida. This will only make your Candida worse or even prevent a cure.
If you wish to use the forum as a useful tool, before you purchase a product that isn’t recommended on the forum, run it by the experts before making the purchase. Many of us have already tried and/or researched many products during our own treatment and can tell you whether or not the products are worth the money you pay.

As far as enzymes are concerned; premade enzymes taken overtime will only teach the body that it is no longer necessary to produce the enzymes. After a while the body will stop the production of its natural enzymes and will depend completely on you to supply them in order to digest your food. The correct supplement for digestion is a product that allows your body to produce the enzymes itself in the correct amount type and amount needed. For this you can use Swedish Digestive Bitters.
Please read the directions on the link so that you’ll take it correctly as the instructions are slightly different from those on the container.

Yes I’ve tried every remedy I can to try to help with constipation and nothing helps thus far.

Every remedy in the post?
If nothing else at all helps, an enema or even Magnesium Hydroxide is better than nothing because you really need to keep the toxins moving out of your body in any way possible, especially since the toxins are normally the cause of constipation.