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Ruffian;49715 wrote: Yes, as unorthodox as it sounds, it is the exact same. 100% Nystatin powder. Yellowish. I’ve gone through 3 of them. It’s also great for enemas.

Thank you Ruffian for that information. From all the research I’ve done, it seems like it is 100 percent nystatin, just labelled differently and it is also a ton cheaper than nystatin.

I just ordered some tonight. I’m glad to hear it is working well for you. I cannot wait to try it.

I am not recommending this to everyone. Obviously others will feel differently about this but for those who cannot find a doctor to prescribe prescription antifungals. This is an option.

It has been known for a long time big pharmacy makes a lot of prescription drugs for sale for animals that are identical to human drugs and even have to pass the same quality control in the same labs.

I cannot guarantee this for medistatin but it sounds like it is very much the same but again. Use at your own risk.

Thanks again Ruffian. This is an interesting option for some willing to try it.

oh one last thing, the kind I’m getting is 400,000 IU and 100 gram container. What is the dosage you take? I’ve read 1/8 teaspoon per 4 oz of water? 3 to 4times a day. Is that what your normally take? How about for a 2 quart enema bag. Thanks