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alexalgebra;34676 wrote: Thanks raster and Kodaz.

Kodaz – I started couponing to get the best deals (if you ever wanna swap deals or anything, let me know, I LOVE IT!!!). I don’t know anyone with Sam’s Club, but I think my parents have Costco. I didn’t know that about lemons! Good to know! We are still working to get rid of the mold in our apartment, so sometimes lemons spontaneously combust into mold on the counter…it’s so gross :p

I also keep an online journal at, mostly for myself, but also for others to see the ups and downs of candida and not feel so alone.

Sure no problem. Costco should have similar types of deals. Some are just to good to pass up. I only keep one or two lemons out and the rest in the freezer. They go bad quickly just like you indicated. The lemons are super good for your liver. I find they give me great focus.

Good to see you’re keeping the log book.