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Hang in there Alex! I know it’s tough. I struggle financially even with a job. Try to figure out what’s cheaper, to eat more vegetables and right things to get all the nutrients, or purchase supplements. For example I make bone broth and lots of greens so I don’t have to purchase mineral supplements. This is cheaper for me here.

If I remember correctly, you are feeling better now so you can ease up on antifungals, concentrate more on probiotics and kefir and here I would give priority to kefir, but this is just my own thinking, no science behind it, I just believe it is more beneficial paired up with prebiotic foods.

Line up everything you must get monthly and prioritize and stretch your money as far as you can, this is what I do every month. This should get you through until you get another job.

I know it’s very tough, but try to remain positive, this will help keep you sane until the next job pops up. And every new job is a stress at the beginning until you get to know everyone, figure out what’s where and what you can or cannot do, but I am sure you will find another great job and get comfortable with it in no time!

Best of luck to you!