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Able900 wrote:

Hi guys, I wonder if you guys rotate food and anti-fungals?

Personally I never rotated any of the food that I ate. Probably because during my treatment I deliberately ate a minimum number of different foods. Mainly green vegetables and eggs, both every day. Same goes for coconut bread, and yogurt/kefir, again, every day. I figured the fewer types of foods I ate, the less chance of a reaction to a food item. Maybe that’s why I never received many reactions – other than very early on when I tried to introduce new foods too soon.
I’m sure that I made greater progress after I cut meat and eventually chicken and fish out of my diet.
I’m not saying that a person can’t cure Candida without avoiding animal protein, only that I was in a hurry to get the infestation out of my body and I believed it would speed things along.

Someone will probably ask if these same foods eaten over and over everyday ever became tiresome. The answer to that would be no. I just looked forward to having food, as long as it filled me up it was fine.

I did however rotate antifungals a bit, but not very often. I only used grapefruit seed extract in the beginning, and then oil of oregano, coconut oil, and garlic, so there wasn’t a lot to rotate as I assumed I needed all of these as often as possible, as least until all symptoms had basically disappeared.

I still believe that no matter how long I would have kept this up, I would never have reached a cure with only the diet and antifungals. I’m convinced that it was the high doses of probiotics plus homemade kefir which eventually brought about a complete cure.


Very interesting. I too have no problem eating the same food over and over but I am afraid that these too would turn into allergic reaction. That is what some people say. In your case it didn’t turn out so, which is quite good news to me. I am not able either to rotate much. I don’t have the change now to make my own kefir but I have Russian kefir from the shop. I hope that is good too. I too want to start my own but its very difficult here in Sweden to get it done. Have to find someone who sells it to me.