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Hey there~

THANK YOU for putting this post together… I read the same information and makes sense! After two weeks, I added Digestive Enzymes and wish I would have started with them and feel I lost two weeks of time. I agree with your post and personally, I am only using the most aggressive, proven elements in my regiment. My goal: to find balance and common sense throughout this treatment. Most especially when considering, the financial investment required & lifestyle changes… I wanted to forward & attach some information that I posted on another topic and hope it’s helpful… UNDERSTANDING WHEN, HOW & USAGE IS ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS!!! If interested, read on: 🙂

The war on Candida is an overall extreme make-over of the body. In order to be effective, it is essential to use each product appropriately or it’s just a waste of time and money. For example; to achieve optimum results and benefits from a probiotic, it should be taken on an empty stomach and with nothing else. Anti-fungals interfere with their job and accordingly, in order for anti-fungals to work, you need to be taking a digestive enzyme. After all, our bodies played host to the “perfect storm” and provided the ideal setting for yeast overgrowth. Due to it’s mutation and ability to change, we have to go on the offensive and hit it on all fronts.

Based on documented research, in order to achieve a BALANCED EFFECTIVE herbal regiment, it should include first and foremost: DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. As well as… ANTI-FUNGALS, DETOX CLEANSERS FOR THE LIVER, PROBIOTICS and IMMUNE BOOSTERS. They all serve a specific purpose and when used correctly, they will combat the yeast by breaking down the cell walls and degrading its compounds. As you may have heard, the anti-fungals need to be rotated about every 10 days and it is also just as imperative, the “digestive enzymes” you purchase are the ones that actually combat “CANDIDA ALIBCANS.”

Re; DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Due to the strength and vitality of Candida’s cell wall (biofilm), experts have suggested that this is probably the most important supplement to have in our treatment plan . Being that there are shelves stocked with hundreds of products, I learned that it is important to understand what each individual ingredient has to offer and what particular “job” or function it has in the body. In fact; anti-fungals alone cannot penetrate cell walls of the yeast however, they are extremely effective once the digestive enzymes have broken down the protective coating on the cell wall allowing the anti-fungals finish the job and destroy actual cells.

When purchasing probiotics and digestive enzymes, we need to take the extra time to be sure we are taking the appropriate enzymes / strains to ensure effective use. In regards to DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, the only effective enzymes proved to actually help kill and breakdown Candida Albicans are: CELLULASE (targets: fiber), HEMICELLULASE (targets: fiber), PROTEASES (targets: proteins), XYLANASES (targets: fiber). These specific enzymes work by breaking down and degrading the biofilm, reducing its ability to hide from the immune system and invade tissue. When you think about it, whats the use of taking all these other supplements if the actual cell wall is not broken down?? Perhaps that’s why some people take months and years to cure their particular Candida condition… they seem to be a vital component when working in conjunction with anti-fungals & probiotics.

The same goes for Probiotics… for instance, if you are dealing with vaginal Candida, you would achieve more success by purchasing a probiotic used specifically designed to rebuild that specific area and the same goes for intestinal, etc. It may be overwhelming to read every label but, it’s not only smart but, would be a big waste of money to use something not targeted for your specific need. Probiotic strains should also be refrigerated, “live” or raw and in the billions in order to really do a good job… As with every product including vitamins, it is also important to look for soy free, etc…

There is so much more to this and being that it took a “perfect storm” to get here, I hope to summarize and post as much information I can so the average person can deal with this as economically and quickly as possible. I am not an expert or physician but, I am just a girl trying figure it out too… hope this helps & wish you good health!

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