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Good post, dvjorge

Thank you.

Your additional voice is an immense help for so many people. It helps bring further clarity to issues which Able/Raster have addressed and seemingly get lots of after the fact questions once someone is in trouble. Thank you for the additional insight about how you arrived at which AF’s worked for you, Able.

My suggestion is to make a PLAN before starting treatment. Seek, research, read, print out all the various pages of protocol and posts such as this one, look for tips like Able’s here, secure ALL the needed items before hand, compare and contrast the various pages to understand how they overlap and do not under estimate the power of prayer among other things.

Remember, with most major illness there is a period between dx and treatment. During this period a patient gradually accepts their condition, can research their treatment/operation, make adjustments prior to treatment to help ease convalescence/recovery and probably most important of all: prepare for the financial outlay. This doesn’t seem to be in the collective consciousness with Candida OG (not just this forum/site but, in general). CRC is not an inexpensive illness to treat; best to be upfront about it. Let’s face it, we all have lost lots of money along our CRC journey with various products. Not to mention perhaps a long string of MD/specialists on mis-dxs well before even hearing the word Candida.

One other suggestion: since all the components add up very quickly it might be advisable to delay initial treatment and to gradually gather items as one can afford within budget; antifungals included. Once secured, then start treatment with a plan. It is too easy to start treatment, get in trouble and have to secure yet another item after another item to get out of trouble yet, causing a lot of added stress which only can be elevated with yet more additional items. Things add up quickly.

Anyway, just my two cents which aren’t worth two pennies. Thank you all for sharing your expertise and helping us all out. God bless you all.