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Soy’s full of goitrogens (anti-thyroid compounds), phytoestrogens and other junk. Soy milk isn’t a traditional food either. It’s just some junk created for testosterone-deficient vegetarians, although it is popular in Asia too. Try looking through the Soy category on SuppVersity. These are a few of my favourites. I’m guessing Japanese women unhappy with their marriages make good use of soy products to eliminate unwelcome approaches from their husbands.

From Subclinical to Full-Blown Hypothyroidism by Soy Supplementation
Study Finds 17x Elevated Estrogen, High Progesterone + Reduced DHEA Levels in 65% of .. Soy Protein Users!
Pregnant or Lactating Mother + Soy = Metabolically Deranged Male Offspring.