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dvjorge;35355 wrote: Candida Albicans can not live together with S. Boulardii. The idea is to take it orally and also by enemas.

Related, I found this to be intriguing, from [page 2], although it is addressing ulcerative colitis (and not candida—but who knows, and maybe it would address leaky gut):

7. For the most rapid healing of your large intestine:

a. Obtain an enema kit, add 1 cup of filtered water, a ½ capful of Electrolyte concentrate, open 6 capsules of Cal Mag Butyrate, 5 capsules of Saccharomyces boulardii and mix well. Fill the enema kit with this solution, add some mineral oil or olive oil to the enema tip and take the contents directly into your rectum. After the enema kit is empty, remove the enema tip and turn on your left side.

b. Retain the mixture as long as possible. Stay on your left side for a moment. Then roll on your back and lift your legs and stomach up (shoulder stand yoga pose). Stay in this pose for a moment and then rotate out of it onto your right side. Stay on your right side until you feel the urge to evacuate.

c. Do the retention enema daily.’

I happen to have all those ingredients on hand—Cal-Mag Butyrate (Ecological Formulas from Vitamin Shoppe Online), Saccharomyces Boulardii (Jarrow Formulas), and use sea salt as my enema electrolyte (their “Electrolyte concentrate” is a combo of sodium/potassium/magnesium).

My sea salt solution is in the amount of 1 teaspoon per liter—that’s from , which is under “7. Salt Water Enema“:

‘Salt Water Enema Recipe:

● 2 tsp pure sea salt
● 2 litres warm filtered water’

So, I might give the added Cal-Mag Butyrate and Saccharomyces Boulardii a try, but I don’t expect to see results for some time—I’m sure it’s a gradual process (weeks or months or more).