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also, have you thought about trying the GAPS diet or Specific Carbohydrate Diet? GAPS is the newer version built off of SCD (SCD was based on a diet by Dr. Haas). The body ecology diet is similar but I’ve read its more of a scam to sell product. You can learn about and do GAPS without ever having to buy anything. I read the book and it’s not really worth buying once you have the knowledge that you do. I’m doing the GAPS diet, but without fruit (or at least trying to, but slipped a couple times). Basically, just eliminate any grains you are eating. This eliminates inflammation in the GI. And eat bone broth soup which is high in glycine, etc., to heal the gut. Dr. Campbell (GAPS author) says that GAPS alone will eventually eliminate candida by building up good flora. A lot of autistic children, who have very high candida levels, along with mercury and other toxins, seem to respond very well to GAPS and SCD.

She’s a bit unclear about when to add in fruit, as fruit is on the diet – in addition to veggies & meat. She does say that anything sweet will feed candida and to be careful. but in GAPS she’s mostly dealing with austic children who are extremely fussy eaters. and most parents of the kids have been giving them lots of sugar, just gluten & casein free products – but the idea behind GAPS is that you have to do more than just GF & CF – you have to eliminate grains 100%. and supplement with fermented foods at almost every meal.

just a thought – what about giving your organs a rest from antifungals and killing, and focusing on boosting good flora and eliminating inflammation? I’m not sure of your diet, so i’m just throwing this out there.

I’ve been eating dandelion greens which is a prebiotic. But avoiding other prebiotics such as rice bran as that is considered GAPS illegal because it is a grain, and contains phytates. I’ve been eating almonds, but also soaking them and dehydrating them. I did notice more inflammation though, so perhaps I was eating too many. The paleo diet gurus say only eat a small handful everyday because of high PFUAs (