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Currently I do not feel well, feeling feverish/sore throat. I think I caught a cold/flu (lately people I come in contact with don’t cover their coughs >:[). I’m going to take 1g vitamin c each hour to see if this improves.

RIGHT now:
I take 10 billion s boulardii 4x a day. Have not started the enemas yet but plan to tomorrow or the next day..
I have to mention I was following 80/10/10 for almost a week and did not feel any negative physical reactions (no stomach upset from leaky gut) to the fruit, but my thrush looked *much* worse.

The first day of “normal” food, I was on my way to go on a hike: I ate some enchiladas (organic, vegetarian brand) and bean chips(healthy) and my stomach did not feel too well (leaky gut, I believe), I got a slight headache, was irritable. I felt a little better, just sucked it up and went on the hike, feeling better on the hike. Also had hummus (made out of chickpeas.) At the end of the day, I had frozen yogurt (chocolate, etc)- I know..bad. I feel asleep soon thereafter and in the early morning my stomach was making strong sounds but I fell right back asleep.
Yesterday I was stranded at school and ate in the cafeteria- eating a veggie burger w white bun, blueberry muffin-42grams of sugar!!), blueberry bagel w cream cheese and jam, naked juice (which contains mostly fruit), and hummus with pretzel chips. That night, I had a piece of a twix (Chocolate.) – my cravings may be coming back
The last 2 days I have felt pretty sleepy. This could be brain fog, me getting sick from someone, or possibly both. My stomach has been making sounds. My thrush doesn’t look good, worse than on the candida diet. Although my thrush was on a smaller scale before I started the candida diet at all (an antifungal regimine)

Being honest here, I think I should go back on the candida diet but want to see if my symptoms will improve while eating normally and staying on s boulardii and starting the enemas. I need to get back on vitamins (a, d, e, biotin, cal/magnesium.)
I DO want to start making most of my food from scratch and have a goal of 3 processed meals a week(like eating out.)

I just worry that if doing this my way doesn’t work (and it could take months I’m sure), and I want to restart the candida diet with S boulardii, my candida will already be resistant to s boulardii and I will have to do antifungs again 🙁