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Yes, but I have serious doubts that S. Boulardii survives the stomach acid and organs fluid in its way to the colon. S. Boulardii, when alive, colonizes the intestines massively. It is a temporary colonization but able to antagonize pathogens and segregate a high amount of Capryc Acid. Candida Albicans can not live together with S. Boulardii. The idea is to take it orally and also by enemas. It is only something I would like to experiment. As you said, the colon is the nightmare because it is very hard to get there.
Remi96 did enemas for years. At first, she stopped because was afraid but later, she continued until reaching a cure.

I am not taking antifungals. I have time eating almost normal Taking 36 billons of S. Boulardii by day plus home made kefir.