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Coffee does have many benefits, but unfortunately it can cause some issues with people that have a sensitive GI tract. There is a lot of anti-fungals that can be irritating to the gut as well. Its not easy to find anti-fungals that don’t disturb the Gut in some way.

I was basing coffee antifungal qualities on the amount of chlorogenic acid content in it. Mold that grows on the outside of the bean might not be exposed to the chemical properties of the coffee bean. The coffee bean has grooves in the bean that can harbor moisture which in turn can promote mold.

When you say mold grows easily on coffee do you mean the wet coffee grind that has already been processed. I know that dry coffee grinds can sit on the shelf for a long time without getting moldy. We have a can of folger’s from the out of state In-law that sits on the shelf for god knows how long and doesn’t seem to go bad.

Anyways, I was just curious to my experience on why decaf coffee was doing such a good job of inhibiting my candida+ why some coffee drinkers seem to never get sick, but I know I have to limit its use because of my sensitive GI tract.